Saturday, April 26, 2014

There's a few pivotal moments in a high school career. 

the first day of freshman year
the last day of sophomore year (you're an upperclass man)
taking the act
graduating (you made it)

I took the act a few days ago, it was dreadful. The test itself was just what I expected. 
Science graphs I somewhat understood accompanied by test experiments I completely didn't.
Math equations I should have known but couldn't exactly remember.
A flood of relief when it was all over and done with.

The stress the test comes with is absolutely disgusting. I honestly can't stand it. 
I hope anyone reading this who hasn't taken it yet realizes: it's a test.
This doesn't determine who you are. One dumb score it's what makes you you.
When a person looks at another, they don't say to themselves: "She looks like an 18"

Don't let your score define you or your life. It's just a dumb old score.
Figure out what makes you happy in life and pursue it.

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