Style Spotlight: Suede Booties

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

As there's snow on the ground I've got a bit of time to buy boots for spring. I looked around quite a lot for the perfect pair of booties for me. This season I'm really resonating with suede. I know it's quite the hassle to clean, but I think the texture is a necessity in my wardrobe this season. So I bought two, an everyday pair and pair I could wear for nicer occasions.

I'm a firm believer in the wine, maroon, burgundy color scheme. Any season, any time of day, always. So when my old go to booties were worn down and finally ripped I bought the Clarks Womens Wine Phenia Cresent Suede Boots. My ex owned a pair of clarks, and he beat them to hell and back, had them for over a year and after a good cleaner they looked new. My everyday pair of boots should be a pair that last me a year or two right? A pair that are sensible, my ankles won't break, and will still look good after a year or two. A good investment. Definitely the "Hey Mom look at me, aren't you proud?" kind of booties. 

My second pair of booties though, that wasn't so much of an investment. After online shopping for a little too long, I came across the Chinese Laundry Break Up Peep Toe Bootie. It was more of an Oh! these are too cute, and on sale, click, purchase. I couldn't help myself, they're neutral and cute. They could be dressed up with a bell sleeve dress, or down with a top, cardigan and a pair of jeans. A classic cute bootie. 

I know suede booties aren't ideal for everyone, but I'm definitely giving it a try this season.

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